RLCF January Athlete of the Month Abby Dinn

Abby Oct 2015 one month before starting at RLCF
October 2016 at Inflatable 5k
October 2016 at Inflatable 5k











  1. Name: Abby Dinn
  2. Age, Occupation: 45, Assistant State’s Attorney
  3. What is your athletic background?

I have absolutely zero athletic background.  I was the smart kid in high school with no coordination. That carried over into my adult life. For a few years after my youngest son was born (15 years ago), I rode a bicycle daily during the summer and loved it, but for the five years prior to starting CrossFit, I always used the excuse that I was too busy with work, school and raising a family to exercise. When I began CrossFit, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been and in the worst shape of my life.

  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit and how/why did you start?

I started CrossFit on November 13, 2015. Getting into shape and losing weight were the furthest things from my mind when I started. In April, ‘15, I spent a week in the hospital with bi-lateral pneumonia. That was a wake-up call as to my health, but it wasn’t the only catalyst. I had become so stressed with issues in my personal life that my doctor and I were frustrated with traditional treatment. My blood pressure was consistently high, I was having constant headaches, and I had developed TMJ such that my jaw was locked shut from grinding my teeth at night. Doc suggested Rend Lake CrossFit at my check-up on November 11, 2015. I left his office and drove straight there. Being a holiday, I was lucky to catch them just as they were finishing the only class of the day. I set an appointment with Joseph for the Introductory Class two days later and started the Foundations Class the very next week. I’ve been hooked ever since.

  1. How did it feel emotionally and physically when you started?

Emotionally, I fell in love. My doctor was right. During that one hour of the day, I thought of nothing else in the world except what I was doing that very moment. It quickly became, and still is, my escape, my therapy. One full hour of the day set aside for me . . . only me. I began to protect it at all costs. Physically, I had never been so sore in my life. But as time went on, I began to feel alive again. I began to feel and see muscles in places I had never seen them before. It was exhilarating.

  1. What is it about Rend Lake CrossFit that keeps you coming back?

Where do I begin? My CrossFit family have become some of my favorite people in the world. It is my home. Nothing builds more camaraderie than forging through some of the most physically challenging workouts side by side. We cheer each other on. We dread workouts together then we share the feeling of triumph when we’ve survived and conquered them.

Regarding technique, the coaches at Rend Lake CrossFit stress mobility, stretching, warmup, and form. They are phenomenal instructors, watching every member closely and correcting us when necessary so we don’t injure ourselves. They encourage us. They know our strengths and weaknesses and instruct us accordingly.

  1. What is one goal/personal record (PR) you would like to accomplish within CrossFit and what is one thing you have accomplished already?

From day one I’ve been fascinated with Toes-To-Bar and the other gymnastic movements. I’m dying to swing from the pull-up bars and rings like I did on monkey-bars when I was in grammar school. As for current movement accomplishments, I’ve been doing hand stands, cartwheels, and box jumps like a teenager for several months now. One year ago, I’d have laughed hysterically at the thought of ever doing another cartwheel in my lifetime.

I’ve completed a 5k, enjoy playing baseball and backyard football with my kids again, and I’m always up for a physical challenge. As for my health, I’ve lost 65 pounds, I’m in a size dress that I haven’t worn in 29 years, and I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life. (I know that’s more than one accomplishment, but they are all so fantastic, I couldn’t pick just one.)

  1. Favorite movement and or WoD and least favorite movement and or WoD.

Favorite: Murph – by far the most challenging physical work I’ve ever done, but the feeling of accomplishment when it’s over is unparalleled.

Least Favorite: Burpees, duh.