Rowing Challenge



A lot of you have been asking for a new “Challenge” so here it is.  Everyone loves rowing so I figured why not do a ROWING CHALLENGE!  The challenge is to row a marathon(42,195m) in under 5 weeks(no big deal right).  Why rowing you say.  Rowing is a full body workout. It uses almost every major muscle group in your body. Rowing hits the lats, quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs, obliques, lower back, shoulders, and both biceps and triceps. And since you’re using so many muscles at once, you will most certainly be elevating your heart rate.  You can easily burn over 1000 calories/hour on a rower.  Most of all it will help your performance in the 2017 Crossfit Games Open.  How the challenge works is that you pay $20 to get in the challenge everyone who completes the challenge spilts the money in the pot.  For example, let say 15 people get in the challenge there would be $300 in the pot.  Lets also say only 8 complete the challenge each person will recieve $37.50 and be amazing rowers.  You have until Tuesday January 23rd to sign-up but the challenge will start this Friday January 20th.  We will have sheets at the box to track your meters rowed and to keep everyone accountable.  Be aware we only have 4 Rowers to share so you better get on them anytime one is free.

What:  Row a Marathon(42,195 meters)

When:  1/20-2/23

Cost:  $20