RLCF February Athlete of the Month J.D. Freehill



1. Name:

J.D. Freehill

2. Age, Occupation:

39, Electronics Technician, Federal Aviation Administration

3. What is your athletic background?

I quit smoking when I was 30 and decided to get back into shape. I began running (obsessively) and worked my way up in distance. I completed 3 marathons prior to starting CrossFit.


4. How long have you been doing cross fit and how/why did you start?

My first class was in August of 2014. I started CrossFit because I was plagued with overuse injuries from the running.

5. How did it feel emotionally and physically when you started cross fit?

When I first started I thought I was in pretty good shape, but soon realized that I was not as well-rounded of an athlete as I had believed. Although I could run fairly well, I could hardly jump on a 20” box. Also, my upper body strength and anaerobic stamina was terrible.

6. What is it about Rend Lake Cross fit that keeps you coming back?freehill

The culture at RLC is great; I have always felt like there is a family type of atmosphere. I have always been encouraged to do my best and have never felt overwhelmed or intimidated. We as a box celebrate when a newer athlete gets their first pull-up just as much as we cheer for the one who pulls a pound 450 lb. deadlift for the first time.

7. What is one goal/personal record(PR) you would like to accomplish within CrossFit and what is one thing you have accomplished already?

I am currently working on learning to handstand walk. I also got my first ring muscle up in 2016, which was a big one for me.

8. Favorite movement and/or WoD and Least favorite movement and/or Wod.

I still love to run during METCONS and 400’s are my preferred distance per round. I also enjoy back squatting for strength. My least favorite movement (and I am pretty sure I am not alone) is the overhead squat.