RLCF March Athlete Vic Smith


1. Name:

Vic Smith

2. Age, Occupation:

59 years,  Semi-retired

3. What is your athletic background?

I played football, basketball, and track in high school.  Then, as an adult I played softball.

4. How long have you been doing cross fit and how/why did you start?

I started 4+ years ago.  I started to get in better shape and spend more time with my kids.  Also to be able to keep up and play with my 5 grand kids.

5. How did it feel emotionally and physically when you started cross fit?

When I first started I was nervous/scared emotionally.  Physically I was at the lowest I have ever been.

6. What is it about Rend Lake Cross fit that keeps you coming back?

The people and helping others.

7. What is one goal/personal record(PR) you would like to accomplish within CrossFit and what is one thing you have accomplished already?

I would like to be able to do a bar muscle up.  I have accomplished a lot of things, like a 300 lb back squat and running a 5 k.

8. Favorite movement and/or WoD and Least favorite movement and/or Wod.

My favorite WOD s are the tabatas.   My least favorite movements is wall balls.