• Step One:  Come to a Community Open House
  • Step Two:  Attend our Foundations Class
  • Step Three:  Crossfit!

Step One:  Check Us Out

We want to meet you and we want you to try Crossfit.  Give us a call or just drop-in on any of our schedule classes so that  you can meet our coaches and our amazing members.  You can ask any questions you may have and we can show you around the box(our gym).  There is no sale pitch, the decision is all yours.  But when you commit to Rend Lake Crossfit, we commit to you.

Step 2:  Attend our Foundations Class

 If you have been wanting to start an exercise routine, ramp up your existing one, or been curious what Crossfit is all about, this is your opportunity. Rend Lake Crossfit’s Foundations Class is a beginner crossfit class were new members will learn proper form, technique, and get more one-on-one attention from our certified coaches before attending our normal classes.  It starts the first Tuesday of every month and runs for 2 weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:15pm to 7:30pm.  If after completing your Foundations Class you do not Love RLCF  we will refund 100% of your money.  


  • Foundations Class(4 Classes/2 Weeks)- $60
  • 3 classes per week- $60
  • Unlimited- $70
  • Punch Card (10 classes)- $65.00
  • Drop-In – $10

Drop-In fees are for experienced Crossfitters.  Please call or E-mail before dropping in.

Step Three:  Crossfit!

It’s time to WoD!  Just choose a class.  Remember every class will have a Certified Crossfit Coach who will lead you through warm-up/mobility work, learning proper technique, help scale workouts and weights to help with your transition into a full-time Crossfitter.  As Rend Lake Crossfit grows we will be adding more classes to our schedule.  Also, in the near future we hope to be adding mobility, Olympic lifting, and competition classes.


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